Calendar of Tellene & Weather
Days 1. Diaday 2. Pelsday 3. Katarday 4. Fireday 5. Homeday 6. Godday 7. Veshday
Months (28 days) 1. Renewal 2. Sowing 3. Mustering 4. Declarations 5. Mid-season Harvest 6. Replanting 7. Siege-hold 8. Arid 9. Reaping 10. Harvest 11. Frosting 12. Snowfall 13. Famine
Seasons Spring: 1st of Renewal - 8th of Mustering
Summer: 9th of Mustering - 16th of Replanting
Fall: 17th of Replanting - 24th of Reaping
Winter: 25th of Reaping - 28th of Famine

Calendar Events

Henion's Execution: 13th of Mustering
Party 4's Arrival at Obsol: 4th of Mustering


Season: Spring
Possible Conditions (chances): Sunny (70%), Rain (9%), Heatwave or Cold snap (9%), Thunderstorms (9%), & Powerful Storm (1%)
Temperature Range: H 70°F L 30­°F

Player Timezones

Everyone: 22nd of Sowing, Diaday | Sunny, average temperature
Grom: 23rd of Sowing, Pelsday | Heavy rain; thunderstorm, average temperature
4th Party, Sylvari: 24th of Sowing, Katarday | Rain, average temperature

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• Added a new forum: Off-Topic Games.

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