Calendar of Tellene & Weather
Days 1. Diaday 2. Pelsday 3. Katarday 4. Fireday 5. Homeday 6. Godday 7. Veshday
Months 1. Renewal 2. Sowing 3. Mustering 4. Declarations 5. Mid-season Harvest 6. Replanting 7. Siege-hold 8. Arid 9. Reaping 10. Harvest 11. Frosting 12. Snowfall 13. Famine
Seasons Spring: 1st of Renewal - 8th of Mustering
Summer: 9th of Mustering - 16th of Replanting
Fall:17th of Replanting - 24th of Reaping
Winter: 25th of Reaping - 28th of Famine

Calendar Events

Henion's Execution: 13th of Mustering
Party 4's Arrival at Obsol: 4th of Mustering


Season: Spring
Possible Conditions (chances): Sunny (70%), Rain (9%), Heatwave or Cold snap (9%), Thunderstorms (9%), & Powerful Storm (1%)
Temperature Range: H 70°F L 30­°F

Player Timezones

3rd Party, Grom, Shade the Lich, 6th Party, Lanayru, Aurora: 23rd of Sowing, Pelsday | Heavy rain; thunderstorm, average temperature
Sylvari, Dark Shadow, Shade the Lich: 26th of Sowing, Homeday | Clear, average temperature
1st Party, 5th Party, Tymar: 28th of Sowing, Diaday | Clear, average temperature
4th Party: 1st of Mustering, Pelsday | Clear, average temperature
Bodvar: 2nd of Mustering, Katarday | Clear, Hot

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Getting Started
Welcome, Guest, to Draxion's Game Den, home of a 3.5e Dungeons and Dragons game that has been going strong for nearly 3 years! If you are a guest viewing the site, please take your time and enjoy some of the threads our members have made. Joining will allow more content to be viewed since some forums are only accessible to members.
If you have recently registered or are a returning player, welcome! To help you to better understand how things work around here, I'd recommend reading the following steps. Enjoy your stay!

1.) Read the main rules and the chatroom rules.
2.) Read the following guides thoroughly: Dungeons and Dragons?, Color Codes, Healing From Food, and the Herb List.
3.) If you are new to the site, you can introduce yourself to the community.
4.) In order to enter the D&D game, you need to create your character. Experienced players shouldn't have any difficult when completing this task. However, if you are new, you can follow the Character Creation Guide or ask experienced players for assistance.
5.) You may also participate in the off-topic games or freely discuss anything in the free chat.
Site Features
Draxion's Game Den hosts a number of features related and not related to the D&D game. The following displays a list of what we provide here.

Ranking System: Members gain ranks by the number of messages they have posted. The list can be viewed here.
Awards: Awards are awarded to members based on various things done inside the D&D game, but some can be earned outside the game as well. Click here to see what can be acheieved.
Gold Coins & Diamonds: The site contains its own currency in the form of gold coins and diamonds which can be earned by doing various things like posting, creating topics, making the friends list larger, and so forth. This guide explains it further.
Dragon Companions: Completely outside of the D&D game is a system where members can hatch and own dragons. They can be battled, traded, sold, bought, adopted, and more! For more information, please read this.
Contests & Events: Occasionally, the site will host events and contests in order to celebrate seasons, holidays, or simply just for fun. Please note, however, these are always random and are not in a predictable routine. Members are free to suggest any events and contests.
Promotions: If you would like to advertise your forum here, the site allows for affiliations. Please PM Draxion if interested.
Help & Support
If you need help or assistance with something, please refer to below for some quick information.

I need help logging in. What do I do?
You have two options if you need help logging into your account, whether you forgot your password or simply cannot log in.
1. You can reply as a guest on this topic. Be sure to include the username on your account.
2. Contact the head admin directly through here.
I discovered a bug. How can I report it?
You have three options if you need to report a bug you discovered.
1. You can reply as a guest on this topic. Plaase be sure to include as much detail as possible regarding the bug.
2. Report to any staff member.
3. Contact the head admin directly through here and include a screeshot of the discovered bug.
There was something I found in a thread that doesn't belong there. Who do I report it too?
Normally all threads are looked over by the specific staff over that section but sometimes things can get overlooked. If you found an issue, you can report it to the appropriate staff member over that section.
Off-Topic Games [STAFF]
Free Chat: [STAFF]
D&D Game: [STAFF].
Dragon Companion Section: [STAFF].
I need help with making my character sheet. Who can I ask?
Whenever there is a time you need help with creating your character for the D&D game, you have these options.
1. You can simply ask any of the other players here. Many of them have a lot of experience from playing the game and most are willing to help.
2. Follow the Character Creation Guide.
3. Please use this option last if you weren't able to get assistance from the previous two. Contact the head admin directly through here.
Can I advertise my forum/site here?
Draxion's Game Den does provide members the opportunity to promote their websites by the following options.
1. Create a topic in the Advertising Section. Please read the rules regarding advertising before submitting a topic.
2. Purchase the rights to advertise in your signature via the Trading Post.
3. Request to be an affiliate with the site. Please contact the head admin directly through here if interested.
I'm interested in joining the staff. What is required?
While it is wonderful you are interested in helping out here on Draxion's Game Den, please be advised requirements are needed. All the information regarding about joining the staff can be found here. . Please DO NOT send a PM to staff about joining. Thank you.
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    All the rules and guides about the site and D&D game can be found here. Please read through each one carefully to get yourself familiarized with how things work.
    News & Announcements
    News and announcements from the Dungeon Masters will be posted here for the entire community to read and be updated. Only they can post here.
    Help & Support
    Please post here if you're having trouble with the site in relation to accounts, logging in, discovered bugs, and so forth. Guests may report here as well.
    Guides on Character Generation
    This is where much of the D&D stuff is kept to assist in character creation including spells, skills, classes, races, feats, and more! Access to the D&D SHOPS is also here.
    D&D Requests
    The name says it all. Here is where you can request certain things not currently inside the Dungeons and Dragons Game including classes, races, special spells, skills, and so forth.
    Graphic Designer's Section
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    Members who are interested in promoting their websites/forums can do so here in the advertising section. Please follow all rules if chose to do so.
    Simply as the title says, this is where old posts are stored that aren't related to the D&D game. Members are free to view and read them.

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    Dragons from the Dragon's Companion System can be traded here with others. Please read the Guidelines before attempting to trade with any other player as it contains information regarding.
    The Battlegrounds
    Players who are daring may compete in the battlegrounds with their dragon companions. The rules and guides regarding this part of the system can be found here along with any other information related to it.
    The Orphanage
    Dragons that are no longer owned by anyone, are lost, or sadly abandoned will be placed in the Orphanage, which takes care of them until they are adopted. Players may choose to adopt but for a fee of course.
    Open Market
    The open market is where players can open shop to buy, sell, and trade their dragons. Owners that share custody with the orphanage needs to follow the rules regarding opening a market for their dragons.

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