Food Store

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Food Store

Post by Draxion on August 22nd 2015, 8:58 am

Food Store

Spices and Seasonings
ItemCost per Once
Angelica5 cp
Anise3 cp
Basil1 sp
Bergamot3 cp
Borage2 cp
Caraway2 cp
Cardamon1 gp
Chives2 cp
Cinnamon1 gp
Clary8 cp
Cloves20 gp
Coriander1 sp
Costmary3 cp
Cubeb15 gp
Cumin3 cp
Dillweed3 cp
Fennel seed1 sp
Fenugreek3 sp
Garlic1 cp
Ginger10 gp
Horehound4 cp
Horseradish1 cp
Hyssop5 cp
Juniper3 sp
Laurel4 gp
Lemon balm2 sp
Liquorice root4 sp
Lovage1 sp
Mace25 gp
Marjoram5 cp
Mint3 cp
Mustard seed5 cp
Nutmeg30 gp
Oregano2 sp
Parsley4 cp
Pepper30 gp
Poppy seed8 gp
Rose hips5 gp
Rosemary5 sp
Saffron65 gp
Sage1 sp
Salt1 cp
Sweet cicely1 sp
Tarragon1 gp
Thyme1 sp
Turmeric25 gp
Woodruff1 sp
ItemCost per Pound
Barley1 gp
Buckwheat5 sp
Chick peas3 gp
Lentils2 gp
Millet7 sp
Oats7 sp
Rice5 gp
Rye7 sp
Wheat1 cp
ItemCost per Pound
Barley2 gp
Buckwheat1 gp
Rye15 sp
Wheat3 gp
Dried Fruits and Vegetables
Apples1 gp/lb.
Apricots15 gp/lb.
Carrots1 gp/oz.
Cherries5 sp/oz.
Currants1 sp/oz.
Dates5 gp/oz.
Elderberries1 sp/oz.
Fig7 gp/oz.
Green beans2 sp/oz.
Green peas2 sp/lb.
Mushrooms1 gp/lb.
Onion5 sp/oz.
Peaches15 gp/lb.
Pears5 gp/lb.
Prunes3 gp/lb.
Raisins1 gp/lb.
Tomatoes1 gp/lb.
Dried Goods
Crackers5 sp/box
ItemCost per Pound
Almonds3 gp
Cashews20 gp
Chestnuts1 gp
Hazelnuts5 sp
Pine nuts10 gp
Pistachios15 gp
Walnuts3 sp
ItemCost per Gallon
Olive oil5 gp
Almond oil10 gp
Walnut oil2 gp
Hazelnut oil3 gp
Sesame oil10 gp
Sunflower oil3 sp
Safflower oil2 sp
Rapeseed oil1 sp
Honey1 sp/pt.
Marzipan20 gp/oz.
Molasses5 sp/pt.
Sorghum3 sp/pt.
Sugar1 gp/lb.
Toppings and Spreads
Jam1-10 gp/pint*
Meat and Fish
ItemCost per Pound
Corned3 gp
Dried5 gp
Jerked7 gp
Sausage2 gp
Smoked4 gp
Dried30 gp
Jerked45 gp
Salted5 gp
Smoked7 gp
Pickled3 gp
Salted5 gp
Bacon4 gp
Ham5 gp
Salted3 gp
Sausage1 gp
Salted10 gp
Smoked15 gp
Sardines4 gp
Exotic Items
Chilies25 gp/lb.
Chocolate10 gp/lb.
Coffee50 gp/lb.
Coconut50 gp/lb.
Hickory nuts200 gp/lb.
Lotus100 gp/oz.
Maple sugar75 gp/gal.
Paprika30 gp/oz.
Pimento40 gp/oz.
Pineapple150 gp/lb.
Sarsaparilla10 gp/oz.
Tobacco5 sp/lb.
Vanilla75 gp/oz.
Walnuts, black100 gp/lb.
Unique Beer, Ale, and Mead
ItemCost per Gallon
Dragonbite bitter15 gp
Dwarfhead stout30 gp
Mead, elven60 gp
Golden light, gnome10 gp
Thudrud, goblin2 gp
Pulsch brown ale8 gp
Unique Wines
ItemCost per Bottle
Frostwine40 gp
Alleeian wine, elven100 gp
Garnet wine, dwarven90 gp
Mushroom, wine20-135 gp
Spiderblood, drow150 gp
Unique Spirits
ItemCost per Bottle
Frenzywater15 gp
Moondrop, elven220 gp
Kragg, orc30 gp

* Depending on the fruit made with the jam, prices can vary.

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