Hello everybody

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Hello everybody

Post by Deathdisciple on September 18th 2015, 3:48 pm

NAME: Deathdisciple

NICKNAME: Disc, Death

LIKES: Fallout games, girls, Dark Fantasy

Posting speed: Whenever possible

Location: Elder scrolls

Posting length: as long as I don't have to post fast, pretty big (mostly medium)

Side note: Mostly characters are crossbowmen with light armor. (Maybe a early gunman, if prohibited)

If you need to contact me, im in
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D&D Character sheet
Name: Jacob Howlin
Hit Points:
1/7  (1/7)
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Re: Hello everybody

Post by Draxion on September 18th 2015, 4:50 pm

Greetings, Disc, and welcome to the D&D game. You can call me Drax or Draxion and I'm the Dungeon Master. Feel free to PM anytime if you have any questions or need help with anything to get yourself started. Smile

Tymar Luthdin
Base Attack Bonus: +1 | Intiative: +6

Longspear: +6 (1d8+7 x3)
Dagger: +6 (1d4+5 19-20/x2)

DC: 17

Saving Throws: Fort: +5, Ref: +4, Will: +1
HP: 19/19

Bastard Sword: +7(1d10+2 19-20/x2)
Composite Longbow: +4 (1d6+2 x3)

DC: 19

Saving Throws: Fort: +5, Ref: +1, Will: +1

Head Dungeon Master
"Ultimate Dungeon Master"

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D&D Character sheet
Name: Tymar Luthdin
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