Dragon Companion System

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Dragon Companion System

Post by Draxion on February 1st 2017, 9:03 am

Dragon Companion System

This guide will explain everything there is needed to know about this system and how it functions. Please read through it carefully to understand it.

Buying an Egg

The first way to get started in using this system is buying your first egg from the The Trading Post. Be sure you have enough coins first as this item is very expensive costing 1,000 gold coins a piece. When you do decide to purchase the egg, it will always be random and cannot be chosen. The egg can hatch into many species of dragon as well as different types.


After a certain time has passed after purchasing the egg, it will eventually hatch and change into a hatchling. That is where the fun beings as that is when your dragon will get its first stats based on what species and type it is. This is when you also find out its gender and rarity value.

Dragon's Stats

The following are the dragon stats and explains what each means.

Dragon's Name: This is basically the name you have given it. The gender's icon will also be displayed after it has hatched.

Dragon's Species: This is the dragon's species as well as what type it is.

Born: This is self-explanatory. It's basically the date the egg has hatched.

Age: This is also self-explanatory. It's the dragon's age level.

Rarity: This is the dragon's rarity level.

Rarity Values

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Very Rare
  • Legendary

Energy: This meter shows the dragon's overall health. When it runs out, the dragon is knocked out.
Magic: This meter shows the dragon's magic level and how much they can use before running out. When the meter is empty, the dragon can no longer use magic and would require it to be filled before being able to do so.
Power: This meter shows the dragon's overall strength and power. It indicates how much of a 'punch' it can do to another in battle. The higher the meter, the more damage can be done.
Defense: This level represents the dragon's overall defense and how much damage it can sustain before being physically harmed.



Each dragon specie has their own kind of power and magic to use.

Aging and Death

Eventually, over time the dragon will age more and more and soon come upon the unstoppable stage of ancient and then death. This process is impossible to stop and will happen to every dragon in their lifetime. All dragons age differently and therefore is incredibly difficult to predict when they reach each age level and then eventually die.

Don't worry, though, this process is very, very slow and can take a long time, even maybe a year for certain types.

Buying and Selling Hatched Dragons

Players may sell and buy other dragons from each other as they see fit. The price and value of the dragon can be determined by the rarity value and the type it is. Even if the dragon is very rare or legendary, the final price value of the dragon is solely up to the seller. Try to be fair when it comes down to the rarity value and type.

The only currency allowed to be traded for dragons is gold coins. No diamonds are allowed to be traded for dragons.

Additional Rules

1.) You may own as many dragons as you can afford.
2.) Dragons may battle each other under both owner's consent.
3.) Dragons only die from age, not battling. Instead they get knocked out and therefore are simply taken back by their owners for care.
4.) Items used in this system are only traded with Diamonds, not gold coins. This allows a balanced system since gold coins are easier to earn.
5.) Only one incubating egg can owned at a time.

Please enjoy this new addtion!

The Dungeon Master

© Code developed by Draxion


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