Quinn's Gallery of Design (WIP)

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Quinn's Gallery of Design (WIP)

Post by Quinn The Fox on April 20th 2017, 12:18 pm

First Commission's Half Price!

This commission shop is solely set up for the Den. Anything requested outside the website is a personal commission and will not be provided here nor be able to be paid for with the Den’s coins. If you wish to request a personal commission, PM me directly.

Basic Picture EditsA minor adjustment to a previously provided picture, such as color correction or cropping together two or more pictures. Please provide an original artist name and link, as I’m uncomfortable with editing copyrighted work without permission. If you insist on using a copyrighted picture, either contact the artist or provide me with a way to contact them to be granted permission for the editing.25 coins.
Smiley GifsA small, pixelated and simple gif, much like our chatbox smilies, that you can use however you like on the Den’s website. Because this is an animated project, it might take a bit longer than other projects.50 coins.
AvatarA small, square, 150-by-150 image to be used as your profile picture. This image is drawn by hand on paper and then scanned over to SAI paint for finishing touches. I will be periodically PM’ing you to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.200 coins.
Animated AvatarLike the Avatar, except put into an animated loop, such as a gif. Because animating takes a lot of data and time consumption, please be aware that it will be far less detailed than still images and will take much longer to finish.1,000 coins.
Character Art (Head)A full-color character concept drawing upon request of a character from the shoulders up in either a profile, forward facing or three quarters view. I will need character description, both physical and personality, to fully incorporate a fitting expression into his or her features.300 coins.
Character Art (Full Body)Like the Character Art (Head), this is also a concept drawing for a character upon request, however instead of just the shoulders up, it is instead a full body portrait. A description of physical features, clothing, and personality will be needed.1,000 coins.
SignatureA graphic design to be put into your profile signature. While I have no powers over the coding involved in your design, I will provide the aesthetic qualities for it here.500 coins.
Custom Work*A design commission that does not fit the items listed above. The commission must be Den-related and cannot exceed more than a few seconds if animated.Price Varies

Base Attack Bonus: +0
Dex: +4
Crossbow, Small: +4 (1D6 x2)
Dagger, Punching: 0 (1D4 x3)
Bite: 0 (1d4 x2)
AC: 16
Saving Throws: Fort +0, Ref: +3, Will +3
Quinn The Fox
Graphic Designer
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D&D Character sheet
Name: Kuin Koizumi
Hit Points:
16/16  (16/16)
3000/6000  (3000/6000)

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