The Dragon List
ID Dragon (M) Dragon (F) Species Type Maximum Size Energy Magic Power Defense Rarity
1 Acid Toxic Small Common
2 Antler Earth Medium Uncommon
3 Autumn Wind Medium Common
4 Black Blade Water Small Common
5 Butterfly Wind Tiny Common
6 Card Fate Small Very Rare
7 Clubtail Earth Huge Rare
8 Desert Chaser Earth Medium Uncommon
9 Dream Light Medium Common
10 Ebony Hunter Toxic Medium Uncommon
11 Euphorn Neutral Medium Rare
12 Fume Toxic Medium Common
13 Gossamer Wind Small Common
14 Guardian Unique Huge Legendary
15 Hedgehog Earth Medium Uncommon
16 Hoarder Water Large Very Rare
17 Horse Fire Small Uncommon
18 Ice Ice Large Rare
Albino Ice Very Rare
19 Lash Fire Small Uncommon
20 Lava Magma Huge Common
21 Lemur Neutral Small Uncommon
22 Lifeblood Blood Small Legendary
23 Lightning Storm Lightning Medium Rare
24 Magpie Wind Small Common
25 Night Dark Medium Uncommon
26 Ramshorn Fire Small Common
27 Red Rock Earth Large Common
28 Scroll Neutral Tiny Common
29 Scythe Claw Fire Medium Common
30 Serpent Toxic Small Rare
31 Shade Runner Ice Shade Runner Common
32 Spine Lightning Large Common
33 Spined Shadow Lightning Large Very Rare
34 Spring Water Medium Common
35 Summer Fire Medium Common
36 Sunblaze Light, Neutral Large Common
37 Tear Dark Small Uncommon
38 Tribal Battle-Blood Dark, Fire Huge Rare
39 Volcane Longhorn Magma Huge Uncommon
40 Whiptail Lightning Small Uncommon
41 Winter Ice Medium Common
42 Wolf Lightning Medium Uncommon
43 Yiang Pair White: Light, Black: Dark Medium Legendary

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